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We’ve been fortunate to have been performing a lot of legal work on and for the Big Island, especially as real estate and construction attorneys. Not only do we represent the County of Hawaii, but also local businesses and individuals on the Big Island. Here are some recent projects that clearly show we are Kona lawyers and Hilo attorneys:

  • Represented the developer of the Kaloko Industrial Park Phase III and IV in obtaining State of Hawaii Land Use Commission approval, despite opposition by federal, state and county government.
  • Represented the developer of a 1,200 affordable housing project at Waikoloa.
  • Represented a business park in negotiating with the Department of Transportation, the County of Hawaii and other large landowners for a traffic light along Queen Kaahumanu Highway.
  • Represented the County of Hawaii in its negotiations with a resort developer in fulfilling its promises in a Hawaii memorandum of agreement.

Hawaii Attorneys With Big Island Experience and Presence

We’re very comfortable with our Kona and Hilo clients, serving them through the use of email and telephone conferences. But we also make frequent visits to Kona and especially Hilo to drop by personally and meet with clients like you. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that only Kona lawyers or Hilo attorneys can help you with your legal needs in Kona or Hilo.

We can help you with your Big Island legal needs, and you can avoid the conflicts that commonly arise in Hilo and Kona given the small size of the Hawaii Island legal community.

Contact us today to talk to our attorneys about your Big Island legal needs. We can help you.

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