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How Our Services Save You Money

If you’re price shopping, you need to pay attention to the fine print, which unfortunately at lot of times only shows up on your first invoice. When you hire us you pay only our hourly rate and some third party costs (such as messenger fees, postage, outside photocopying, and filing fees). What you do not pay for are the miscellaneous fees that other Hawaii law firms tack onto your bill. Here are some examples:

  • Photocopying Charges. Some charge you 10 cents per page. We charge you nothing for in-house copying.
  • Fax Charges. Some charge you $1 per page, even for local faxes. We charge you nothing for domestic and international faxes.
  • Computer Usage. Some charge you for the time your document is being displayed on an attorney’s computer screen, whether it is being worked on or not. We charge you nothing for the time we work on your document.
  • Legal Research on Lexis or Westlaw. Some charge you for those costs. We charge you nothing for such services.
  • Long Distance Telephone Calls. Some charge you for those costs. We charge you nothing for long distance telephone calls.
  • Secretarial Time. Some treat their secretaries as billing entities so you pay for their time as secretaries. We charge you nothing if they are just doing secretarial work.
  • Meals. Some charge you for the meals the attorneys eat. We charge you nothing.
  • Parking Validation. Some charge you for validating your parking. We charge you nothing.

We incorporate these miscellaneous fees into our hourly rate, as we feel they are basically standard overhead of our law firm.

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