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Hawaii Real Estate Attorney Reviews

"Nathan is thorough, detailed, and knowledgeable. His counsel left no doubt on what steps I needed to take before proceeding with a recent real estate transaction. I am confident that I made a wise business decision based on Nathan’s advice and recommendations."

- ~ Aditya S.

"I met with Nathan regarding a real estate transaction. During the (gratis) initial consultation, he mentioned that a) most folks don't retain counsel for a situation such as mine, and b) even if he did take my case, it was likely the opposing party would not be willing to make changes he may recommend. That's about as trustworthy and cost effective as it gets. PS: the transaction concluded smoothly."

- ~ Andy K.

"We cannot begin to express our deepest gratitude to you. You have helped us greatly just by the presence and sound of your name. From the first incident we were told by others to write a letter for documentation purposes. We added the threat of taking legal action, but never thought we could or would. We tried to avoid being pushy and were given the run around by our neighbor. After two years of patiently waiting, and as additional incidents occurred, we had almost given up hope. We had no idea what kind of a lawyer you were when we asked you about our situation. We were just looking for advice and you have given so much more with your time and expertise."

- ~ Ana and Tracy A.

"Nathan is a rare attorney who knows the law and is a straight shooter you can talk to. I have no hesitation in recommending him to others (and have done so)."

- ~ Bruce B.

"I’ve been a law enforcement officer for more than 28 years. When I needed an attorney, a friend highly recommended Nathan. Nathan was described as someone who is intelligent, a hard worker and honest, which is very important to me. During my initial consultation I was impressed by Nathan’s knowledge of the law and found it easy to talk to him, as he engenders confidence and trust. During contentious negotiations with opposing counsel it appeared it was going to be a long and drawn out battle. However, with Nathan’s legal prowess and intellectual ability it took less than a month to resolve. There are few attorneys in the State of Hawaii that I know of who possess skill and integrity."

- ~ C. Lee

"Nathan is the best! We truly appreciate what he is (an extremely competent lawyer), who he is (a man of honor), and his very considerate and fair handling of our concerns. It is without hesitation that we would refer anyone with any type of legal issues to Nathan and his firm. We look forward to a long and fruitful professional, as well as personal, relationship with Nathan."

- ~ Carolyn L.

"I met with Nathan Natori regarding a real estate matter that seemed overwhelming and insurmountable. At the initial (gratis) consultation, I was immediately struck by his professionalism, knowledge, breadth of experience, but most of all his integrity. He was extremely honest and forthright and patiently explained what options were available to me. His compassion and generosity were disarming. I was surpristed when he advised that I take a more conservative route initially, rather than retaining his legal services immediately. It was then that I knew that Nathan is committed to serving the client’s best interest first. I trust Nathan implicitly to provide me with the best legal representation possible, and as a result have returned to seek his expert counsel. Without question, I would refer him to my friends and colleagues in the future as well!"

- ~ Christina R.

"We can’t thank Nathan enough for all of his help in dealing with the buyers of our home. He made a nightmare bearable and painless. He even correctly guessed the motive of the opposing attorney, and that things could be settled by having the real estate brokers step up to the plate. We trusted Nathan and we're glad we did."

- ~ Dave and Jill R.

"While looking for help with a Tenant-Landlord issue one evening, I was fortunate to find Nathan’s website through a Google internet search. I emailed his office that evening with the specifics of my problem and found an informative return email the following morning. Nathan agreed to meet with me during his lunch hour whereby he reviewed state laws that applied to my situation and thoroughly explained their meaning. This brief meeting provided me all the information I needed to resolve my problem. I highly recommend Nathan Natori and will not hesitate to consult with him in the future."

- ~ Edward E.

"Nathan Natori was a godsend for me. In my time of stress and confusion of what my rights were, Nathan remained a stable constant during my time of need. Nathan remained on top of all the issues and was able to discover an attempt by the other party to issue a false representation. Nathan was also able to work with the other party's attorney to quickly move things forward to a mutually agreeable conclusion. I am very happy that Nathan agreed to take my case."

- ~ Gary D.

"I sought Nathan’s advice on my intention to partition a sale of a property I was joint owner in. I contacted Nathan by email, and from that first communication, I could tell that Nathan was not the stereotypical attorney. He was gracious, kind, and even had a sense of humor. When we met he continued to exhibit traits I did not expect from an attorney; he was not rushed, impatient or stiff; but rather relaxed, calm, understanding, humble and had this way about him that made me feel like I was talking to a friend. He explained the details of a partition of sale and the grave consequences that could come of it. And much to my surprise, he even recommended I go back and work with the first attorney that drew up my initial agreement for the property. Nathan is not focused on making money off of you. He genuinely cares about what is best for you in your situation. I would recommend Nathan Natori to anyone who was in need of honest legal assistance and an attorney that is responsive, caring and easy to work with."

- ~ Jessica B.

"Nathan met with me to guide me through how he wanted to handle a rent reopener. It turns out Nathan’s strategy was very different from how another attorney handled it ten years ago. Nathan is very strategic, and focused on being reasonable and cost-effective. His professional relationship with the legal representatives of the other parties was also a huge plus due to his constant correspondence and his refusal to allow distractions that could have prolonged negotiations. His knowledge of recent real property purchases drove up the appraisal even further. His strategy really paid off and the cost-benefit was very favorable for our family."

- ~ Joe K.

"You put us at ease from the very beginning and made us comfortable, giving us piece of mind. The burden of a possible tenant eviction was lifted off our shoulders when we left your office and it was a relief for both of us. We couldn't ask for a better attorney than you knowing how everything was expedited between both attorneys. In less than one week we wrapped things up. We avoided having to go to court to get possession of the property, to remove his belongings and to retain the security deposit. Your strategy worked as promised. I would refer people to you if they need representation. We appreciate all the support you've given us."

- ~ John and Roxanne A.

"I selected Nathan Natori as my attorney to guide me through my first business/commercial real estate transaction. I must say, selecting Nathan was one of the wisest, essential business decisions I have made as I step into my new business venture. He is extremely detail oriented, intelligent, and very personable. Most importantly, his integrity was never wavered. Nathan sincerely handled my file in a thorough, cost efficient and timely manner. He made great strides in impressive time. I highly recommend Nathan and will always keep him in mind whenever I'm in need of legal and business assistance!"

- ~ Lynette Y.

"I was referred to Nathan from a friend who highly respects him for his ethical and moral values. After my friend called Nathan to introduce me to him, I began my phone calls and e-mails. In very short time we drafted and completed a response letter which involved a past relationship and compensation. All work was done expeditiously thru phone calls and e-mail. Knowing this kind of work can still be done in place of a handshake and a look in the eye is a great testament to Nathan's integrity and his knowledge of the law. I would most wholeheartedly recommend Nathan to those who live off island or on the mainland. I live on Hawaii island and will continue to recommend Nathan to others."

- ~ Marc K.

"I had a dispute with a neighboring business for years, and the State inspectors even got involved. Things improved but reverted back to the way it was before. I met with Nathan and he sent a demand letter which not only got the neighbor to remedy the problem within three days, but also got the neighboring business to pay for part of the damages and opened communications between us. Effective, efficient results without a lawsuit."

- ~ Rich C.

"It has been a very enriching experience having professional help from the Natori Law Office. The powerful synergy demonstrated by Nathan Natori and Ryan Mukai in resolving my legal matter was very effective in achieving positive results."

- ~ Rowan K.

"Nathan met with me to succinctly spell out for me the upside and downside of a real property dispute with my neighbor. Nathan was efficient, timely, and cost-effective. Nathan was very supportive and made sure that my daughter in another state was kept in the loop through emails. I totally trust Nathan and sincerely recommend him."

- ~ Rose Ann P.

"Nathan Natori was recommended to us by another Hawaii lawyer who we trust. He has a unique ability to effectively relate to people from different backgrounds in order to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Nathan understands that with folks from Hawaii, there is a specific 'local' way of interacting and doing business. However, his legal training on the mainland also gives him the ability to interact with systems in other states in an assertive, matter-of-fact way. The overall experience really put us at ease, knowing that he would do everything possible to bring our legal situation to a positive resolution (which he did)."

- ~ Scott O.

"We had a real estate matter that we thought we wanted to resolve in a certain way. Nathan very graciously consulted with us via email. He told us all of the information he would need from us to advise us properly. We got the information to him and he was able to do some research. Based on that research he advised us how much our transaction would cost and it turned out to be more than the matter was worth to us. Because of Nathan’s honesty and integrity, we were saved a considerable amount of money. In the future if there is any legal help we need, we will be going to Nathan and his law firm."

- ~ Wanita S. and Bob H.

Corporate and Business Law Testimonials

"My experience with Nathan has been nothing but positive from the moment I called him for a legal matter. My initial phone call with Nathan was not intimidating at all and after meeting him in person at his office, I was totally rest assured that he was the attorney for me. With just one meeting he got every little bit of detail and wrote an amazing letter to my ex-partner's attorney and resolved my legal matter. Nathan, you are the best and yes, you will be handling all my legal matters from here on and I will highly recommend you to anyone that needs legal help."

- ~ Cathy U.

"Nathan is not only the best lawyer in Honolulu but also a lawyer with integrity. His profound knowledge in many fields comes from years of successful practice. My experience with him has been nothing but pleasant. He is literally the most intelligent person I know, having degrees from the top-ranked schools in the mainland, but he is never arrogant in any way. He has always treated me with respect and talked to me using the language I understood. Because of his competence and sincere character, his service provides precise advice as well as peace and comfort. And we all know money can’t buy those things. Nathan is definitely the only lawyer I would recommend to anybody. His orderly manner and professionalism will get you what you need."

- ~ C.H.

"When I found Nathan Natori, he was a godsend. I couldn't have met a more honest and helpful lawyer. From the beginning with forming my LLC, negotiating my lease, and more recently to a problem with overshipments from a supplier, he has never steered me wrong. When he tells me something, I believe him. I could not have had better luck with all of these things without Nathan's honesty and fairness. I will always use his firm's services any time I need representation or advice. Hiring Nathan Natori has been the BEST money I have ever spent."

- ~ Dawn G.

"I would definitely use Nathan's services in the future for my real estate legal needs. During our initial meeting, he was a very friendly and knowledgeable attorney. He always replied to my emails and phone call promptly and finished our LLC documents so quickly. Excellent service!"

- ~ Herb N.

"Nathan has guided our Hawaii nonprofit corporation from internal matters to multi-million dollar contracts with various contractors and governmental entities. We trust Nathan and his judgment, and can't say enough good things about him as a person and as a lawyer. I've dealt with mainland and Hawaii attorneys, and Nathan is as smart and trustworthy as they come. In addition to the aforementioned, Nathan has a trait that many attorneys do not have: his character is above reproach."

- ~ Michael S.

"Mr. Natori's straightforward and thoughtful approach my legal matter set exactly the necessary tone for success. His knowledge of the law is exceptional and his ability to practically apply this knowledge is without equal."

- ~ Robert D.

"We are extremely grateful to have been represented by Nathan and Ryan as we went through the many phases of starting our own small business. From our very first engagement, Nathan and Ryan exhibited an incredible sense of urgency and professionalism, pouring through pages of documents, immediately red-marking language that left us exposed. Throughout the entire process, Nathan and Ryan were very consistent and attentive. They were extremely prompt in providing us status updates or recommendations on how to proceed to ensure we were protected as best as possible. We were secure in knowing they had our best interests at heart. Their responsiveness, professionalism, care and humor never wavered throughout the entire nine-months. We are so fortunate that Nathan and Ryan were there to guide us through this process. They definitely became our trusted advisors!"

- ~ Stacy A. and Lisa T.

Japanese Attorney Testimonials

"As I run my law firm in Japan, where punctuality is of the essence, working with Nathan was a stress-free business experience. He is efficient, quick in response, clear and easy to understand, full of knowledge in his profession, and above all those qualities, his intercultural communication skills are excellent. From the very beginning of our business relationship, he won my full trust as a reliable partner, and I am delighted to work with him."

- ~ Charles O.

"Nathan and I handled our client’s Hawaii probate matter. We communicated via email in English. Nathan was very quick and reliable. I am looking forward to working with him in future for my clients or his clients."

- ~ Eriko M.

Foreclosure Testimonials

"I appreciate all the assistance Nathan gave our California bank during a Hawaii foreclosure. He was great to work with. Next time I need assistance in the Aloha State, Nathan is my choice."

- ~ Tim F.

General Hawaii Testimonials

"Nathan has done an outstanding job meeting my business needs. Above all, he is highly responsive. This is very important to me and I appreciate this quality of him very much. When I email him, he always responds that same day or the next. In addition, his work is clear and thorough. He has done a great job protecting my business interests."

- ~ Gail H.

"Nathan is a lawyer who truly cares about his clients. He not only knows the law, but he has excellent judgment of a situation. In the years I've benefited from Nathan's services, he has provided me with practical, intelligent, thoughtful advice on a wide range of topics. In addition, I've always felt that whatever topic I raised with Nathan, he regarded the issue at hand with a swift response, his full focus and concern, with complete respect, and efficiency. The latter of which was truly appreciated because whether I was traveling or in town, I could receive a timely response by email, or when the need arose, by phone or in person."

- ~ Maria O.

"When I finally decided to consult an attorney, I was referred to Nathan. He was friendly, considerate, and respectful to my issue. Within a few days in working on my case I got a favorable response. This is the first time I had the need for an attorney and would not hesitate to refer him to my friends and to call him if the need arises again. Thank you Nathan."

- ~ Morris I.

"I was in need of mortgage and promissory note documents to set-up a private mortgage to refinance my house. I initially spoke with Nathan on the phone, and he was very helpful in answering all of my questions. He advised me on how to proceed and educated me on a few precautions that I was unaware of. He promptly responded to my e-mails, and kept me informed during communications with escrow services. Nathan is easy to talk to and knowledgeable. I would definitely seek his counsel again if I were in need of any legal services involving real estate in the future."

- ~ Richard T.

"If you have any legal issues concerning you, please do not hesitate to contact Nathan for a consultation. My family and I were so impressed with him from the initial contact and I have no hesitation in referring him to everyone I care about. He is detailed, organized, professional, knowledgeable and is prompt in returning phone calls and e-mails. He gives you his full attention and makes you feel important and listened to. You leave his office feeling better knowing that he is someone who truly cares."

- ~ Susan A.

Health Care Testimonials

"We found Nathan and Ryan via their website. We were warned by other physicians that attorneys were expensive and take too long to review your legal issues. We were pleasantly surprised to see just the opposite from Nathan and Ryan. Within a week we had a written analysis at a very reasonable price. We would recommend Nathan and Ryan to other health care providers!"

- ~ Ashlee T. and Dorothy S.

"We contacted the Hawaii Lawyer Referral Service for a health care attorney and they referred us to someone who clearly did not understand our business (but who would not admit it). Fortunately through the internet we found Nathan who understood our industry and quickly tailored a form he had to our medical business, saving us money. The end product is a document which is both user friendly and yet takes into account HIPAA. We learned a valuable lesson in selecting an attorney. Go to someone who really knows the area of law, or is honest enough to tell you they don’t. If we ever need any further legal help we will definitely be contacting Nathan."

- ~ Debbie N. and Rose B.

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