Your Initial Meeting With Our Hawaii Lawyers

For the initial communication with you we request it be done via email as we have found this to be the most efficient method of determining if we can help you.

  1. We need to learn the name of the adverse party. We need this for conflict check purposes. If you are against an existing client we cannot take on your case.
  2. We also need to learn about your case. For example, we do not represent borrowers in a foreclosure, nor generally tenants in an eviction.

Just by emailing this type of information we can efficiently tell you if we are able to represent you, saving the both of us time and money.

  • If we decide not to represent you, there will be no charge for the communication. We were never your attorney.
  • If we need additional documents (lease, purchase contract, deed, etc.) to fully understand your matter you will need to email that to us. If we decide to represent you, you will be billed for that review time as a client of our firm.
  • If we both feel it is a good match, you will need to sign an engagement letter with us as well as give us a retainer/security deposit to ensure that we get paid.

For your information, we charge by the hour. The only exceptions are for creating deeds or forming a Hawaii LLC as those are normally set fees if you are using our standard documents. We do not accept contingency cases. You are also responsible for the General Excise Tax and third party costs such as postage, court filing fees and recording fees.

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