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Honolulu, Hawaii Lobbyist Nathan Natori is a registered Hawaii lobbyist. He has lobbied for the largest mutual fund trade association ( for the past 14 years in Hawaii, and has represented a national motor vehicle dealer ( before the Hawaii Legislature for the past 10 years. Meeting the expectations of such prestigious, national organizations speaks volumes about Mr. Natori’s Hawaii lobbying skills.

Being born and raised in Hawaii gives Mr. Natori a unique understanding of how to frame an argument and persuade Hawaii legislators, in public and in private. On the other hand, he is very comfortable working with national counsel and national government relations personnel due to his mainland educational background (Georgetown University, University of Pennsylvania Law School (Law Review Editorial Board), and University of Chicago Graduate School of Business).

Mr. Natori, as a Hawaii lawyer, has a significant advantage over other Hawaii lobbyists because he not only understands Hawaii law and can help you understand it, but he can also clearly explain the subtle nuances to non-lawyers. His mind is political, and his recommendations strategic. His past includes stints as a successful campaign manager.

Not only does Mr. Natori lobby in Hawaii, he also negotiates with Hawaii governmental regulators to amend Hawaii administrative law or change their interpretation of Hawaii statutory or administrative law. Often it is not the Hawaii Legislature where the issue lays, but with the regulators.

His office is located two blocks from the State Capitol which allows Mr. Natori to easily attend hearings and meet with Hawaii Legislators. You do not end up paying for travel time.

Mr. Natori also bills you on an hourly basis and does not require a large flat fee unlike other Hawaii lobbyists. You pay for the time spent on your matter and no more. If he quickly kills a bill, you reap the benefits.

Here are some of our examples.

  • National Association of Mutual Fund Industry Continuing representation of the national association whose members account for approximately 95% of total industry assets. Successfully lobbied to defeat bill that would have unfairly required registration fees on all mutual funds, and negotiated a compromise the following year, saving the mutual fund industry and its shareholders millions of dollars a year.
  • National Licensed Motor Vehicle Dealer – Continuing representation of a national licensed motor vehicle dealer handling the sale of total loss vehicles for the insurance industry and self-insurers. Successfully defeated bill that would have permitted return of vehicles, and passed bill exempting client from interisland shipping requirements.
  • Molokai Cruise Ship Lawsuit – Successfully represented two cruise lines against temporary injunction barring visits to Molokai, and quickly worked with environmental group in dismissing appeal to Hawaii Supreme Court.

Contact us today for a consultation on our lobbying services and how we can represent your interests successfully. You can also read about The Advantages of Hiring a Hawaii Attorney as Your Hawaii Lobbyist.

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