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Honolulu, Hawaii Nonprofit Attorney Nathan Natori advises Hawaii nonprofit corporations, and other Hawaii tax-exempt corporations or foundations, on Hawaii and federal law. Mr. Natori also creates Hawaii Board Policies to reflect Hawaii law and federal tax-exemption laws and regulations.

Why an Experienced Hawaii Attorney is Vital to Your Nonprofit’s Success

Please read our article on Common Issues for Board of Directors of Hawaii Nonprofit Corporations to see our thoughts on issues most Nonprofit Board members need to look at prior to joining the Board. Too often we are consulted only after a problem arises and our ability to assist is limited. As you can see there are a number of issues that you will need to consider when forming your Hawaii nonprofit corporation. Contact us and we, as your Hawaii attorneys, can guide you through this complicated process. Too often we are retained only after mistakes are made during the incorporation process which makes it much more difficult to correct a problem.

Contact us today to talk to our Hawaii attorneys about your Nonprofit’s legal needs. We can help you stop problems before they happen.

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