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Honolulu, Hawaii Finance Attorney Nathan Natori assists Hawaii lenders with documenting the loan through Hawaii promissory notes, Hawaii mortgages, Hawaii personal guaranties and Hawaii Uniform Commercial Code filings.

Hawaii’s complicated land court system makes perfecting a lien a tricky business. We are frequently brought in to advise mainland lawyers on a variety of lending issues, such as the impact of the Hawaii Mortgage Broker statute on a loan and the Hawaii Usury Laws.

If you are thinking about lending money to a Hawaii business or relatives, you need to give yourself the greatest chance of getting some of your money back if the borrower defaults through security in real property, equipment, or bank accounts. Far too many Hawaii residents make loans that are unsecured and have no priority in collection efforts. See us before things go wrong.

Here are some transactions we have helped:

  • Loan Documentation – Provided advice, documentation, and negotiation prior to and during collection and foreclosure proceedings. Prepared Hawaii loan documentation for $725,000,000 refinancing of gas company, and foreclosed on $84,500,000 Hawaii cruise ship.
  • Discounted Note Purchases – Assisted in preparation, structuring and due diligence of discounted note purchase transactions (loans of over $4,000,000, $600,000,000 and $400,000,000) for commercial real estate, hotel and resort.

We also handle debt collection when Hawaii loans default. Whether enforcing a foreign judgment in Hawaii, filing a lawsuit to collect on a debt through a Hawaii foreclosure lawsuit if there is Hawaii real estate securing the loan, or negotiating with the borrower to achieve the lender’s best alternative, Mr. Natori tries to balance the cost-benefit of going down a particular path. He advises clients to not spend good money going after bad money, and needs to reign in a client’s desire to have him pursue the other side at all cost.

Contact us today for a consultation with our attorneys on any Hawaii finance and debt collection issues you’re experiencing. Take advantage of our experience and knowledge.

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