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We’ve been fortunate to assist clients on Kauai and to appear at Land Use Commission hearings on Kauai. Given that all real estate recordings occur in Honolulu and the major title and escrow companies are in Honolulu completing real estate transactions in Honolulu is a natural fit.

We’re comfortable with Kauai clients, and have been able to service them through the use of email and telephone conferences. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that only Kauai attorneys can help you with your legal needs on Kauai.

The Extra Legal Advantages You Get From Us

We can help you service your Kauai legal needs and you can avoid the conflicts that commonly arise on Kauai. given the small size of the Island’s legal and political community. In fact, one client in particular wanted to use us because we were not afraid of standing up to a very well-known Kauai business leader.

Contact us today and we’ll stand up for you, too.

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