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As Honolulu, Hawaii corporate lawyers, we advise you on your Hawaii business incorporation & formation, including:

  • Hawaii Corporations
  • Hawaii NonProfit Corporations
  • Hawaii Professional Corporations
  • Hawaii Limited Liability Companies (LLC)

Honolulu Attorneys – Incorporating Your Hawaii Business and Beyond

We’ll also guide you on your business governance (Hawaii Bylaws and Hawaii Operating Agreements, shareholder disputes, elections), Hawaii Board of Directors advice, Hawaii mergers and acquisitions (Hawaii stock purchase agreement or Hawaii Asset Purchase Contract), Hawaii employment agreements and non-compete agreements for key employees.

Here is a helpful article on Hawaii Corporate Governance and Duties of a Hawaii Agent to its Principal.

We offer our unique perspective as M.B.A.’s who run our own business. We understand the legal risks and will tailor the best avenue that suits your stated goals and risk-tolerance.

Our Clients Vouch For Us…

"Nathan is not only the best lawyer in Honolulu but also a lawyer with integrity. His profound knowledge in many fields comes from years of successful practice. My experience with him has been nothing but pleasant. He is literally the most intelligent person I know, having degrees from the top-ranked schools in the mainland, but he is never arrogant in any way. He has always treated me with respect and talked to me using the language I understood. Because of his competence and sincere character, his service provides precise advice as well as peace and comfort. And we all know money can’t buy those things. Nathan is definitely the only lawyer I would recommend to anybody. His orderly manner and professionalism will get you what you need."

- ~ C.H.

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