Eviction Law (Summary Possession) in Honolulu

Attorneys Handling Eviction Proceedings for Hawaii Landlords

If a Hawaii residential or commercial tenant defaults under the Hawaii Rental Agreement or Hawaii Lease, or fails to timely pay his or her rent, we can begin Hawaii eviction activity, leading to the summary possession of the Hawaii residence or commercial space. In addition, we’ll pursue debt collection activity for you against the defaulting tenant. We also advise on ways to avoid such action as many times something short of court action can help the client obtain their objectives but without the court costs.


Hawaii Attorneys Protecting Your Interests in Eviction

Hire us from the start so that the eviction is done right. Too often we’re brought into an eviction when the landlord tried to handle the problem on their own, and as a result, did several things that were against his or her best interest. For example, landlords oftentimes give the tenant too much time to cure a default, especially for non-payment of rent. You can avoid those costly mistakes.

Contact us today so we can discuss what we can do to handle your eviction proceedings in Hawaii legally and smoothly.

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