What Happens When a Hawaii Corporation Has Been Administratively Dissolved?

The Business Registration Division has the power to administratively dissolve a Hawaii corporation by signing a decree of dissolution that recites the grounds for dissolution and its effective date. Frequently the reason for the dissolution is the failure by a corporation’s officers to file its annual reports for two years in a row.

Hawaii statutory law allows a corporation that has been administratively dissolved to apply to the Business Registration Division for reinstatement, but only if it is done within two years after the effective date of dissolution. The Division’s form would be utilized and delinquent annual reports would be attached to the “Application for Reinstatement”.

The problem is if the “Application for Reinstatement” is not timely filed, the Hawaii corporation will continue its corporate existence, but it may not carry on any business except to wind up and liquidate its business and affairs. The Hawaii statute details how known and unknown claims against the dissolved corporation must be handled.

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