What is the Hawaii Dual Agency Disclosure Form?

In Hawaii, some real estate transactions are between Sellers and Buyers who are both represented by the same real estate broker/firm. Those realtors are called “Dual Agents” because they owe fiduciary duties to both sellers and buyers.

If you really read the Dual Agency Disclosure Form, the brokers explicitly say that they cannot really help either side in the negotiations.

If they cannot do that, and cannot provide you with legal advice, then you’re basically on your own – and yet the Seller has to pay for both commissions.

At that moment in time, the seller or the buyer may want to consider hiring an attorney because neither broker is representing anyone’s interest and just want the deal to close on its own so that they can receive their commission.

If you’re caught in this kind of situation, contact our law office and get the experienced guidance you need to ensure the deal is a good one. Don’t just take the word of the real estate firm. It could cost you.

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