Filing A Foreign Judgment Against Hawaii Real Estate

In a related article we discussed the process of domesticating a sister state judgment (Exemplified Foreign Judgment) in the State of Hawaii. Once the Hawaii court issues the order making the foreign judgment a judgment of a Hawaii court, the foreign judgment becomes effectively immediate as a Hawaii judgment. As such, a foreign judgment may be recorded in the same manner as a Hawaii court judgment. The judgment should be recorded in the Bureau of Conveyances to act as a general lien, but also filed in the Land Court in order to lien any Hawaii Land Court real property.

On the recordation cover page, every judgment must list the Hawaii tax identification number, the federal employer identification number, or only the last four digits of the social security number of the judgment debtor. You also note if that information is not in the possession of the party seeking registration of the judgment. If the information is missing the document will probably be rejected by the Bureau of Conveyances. However, the Hawaii statutes do mention that failure to disclose, or disclosure of incorrect numbers “shall not in any way adversely affect or impair the lien created upon recordation of the judgment…”

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