Hawaii Land Court Petitions Explained

As further elaborated in this website, Hawaii real estate is “Regular System”, “Land Court”, or “Dual System” property. For “Land Court” and “Dual System” property many changes to ownership must be painstakingly documented in the Land Court registers.

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For example, a Land Court Petition to Note Death must be submitted to the Land Court Judiciary, along with an officially certified copy of the death certificate.

Similarly, Land Court Petitions are filed to Note Divorce (an officially certified copy of the divorce decree are submitted), as well as the appointment of a Successor Trustee due to the death of the initial trustee (a death certificate and an original of the trust are submitted to the Land Court) are common Land Court Petitions we file for Hawaii and mainland clients.

Once the Land Court Judiciary approves the Land Court Petition, the Petition is then filed in the Bureau of Conveyances so that the Transfer Certificate of Title can be properly amended.

Get Sound Legal Help With a Land Court Petition in Hawaii

Please contact us if you need to file a Hawaii Land Court Petition. The sooner you file after an event the better as the parties can more easily obtain supporting documentation as well as obtain necessary signatures.

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