The Advantages of Hiring a Hawaii Attorney as Your Hawaii Lobbyist

A Hawaii lawyer, has a significant advantage over other Hawaii lobbyists because he or she not only understands Hawaii law and can help you understand it, but he or she can also clearly explain the subtle nuances to non-lawyers. Too often Mr. Natori has seen lobbyist be unable to understand the issue and instead rely upon personal relationships.Not only will a Hawaii attorney lobby in Hawaii, he or she can also negotiate with Hawaii governmental regulators to amend Hawaii administrative law or change their interpretation of Hawaii statutory or administrative law. Often it is not the Hawaii Legislature where the issue lays, but with the regulators.

Finally, as an attorney, he or she will have an attorney-client relationship with your company. As a result, most communication with him or her will be subject to the attorney-client privilege and not be discoverable in case of any litigation.

As for Mr. Natori:

  • 1. He also personally handles Hawaii legal matters for clients and so he can take care of your Hawaii operation. Having an attorney as your lobbyist gives you the best of both worlds.
  • 2. His office is located two blocks from the State Capitol which allows Mr. Natori to easily attend hearings and meet with Hawaii Legislators. You do not end up paying for travel time.
  • 3. He also bills on an hourly basis and does not require a large flat fee unlike other Hawaii lobbyists. You pay for the time spent on your matter and no more. If he quickly kills a bill, you reap the benefits.

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