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Nathan is thorough, detailed, and knowledgeable. His counsel left no doubt on what steps I needed to take before proceeding with a recent real estate transaction. I am confident that I made a wise business decision based on Nathan’s advice and recommendations.

~ Aditya S.

I met with Nathan regarding a real estate transaction. During the (gratis) initial consultation, he mentioned that a) most folks don't retain counsel for a situation such as mine, and b) even if he did take my case, it was likely the opposing party would not be willing to make changes he may recommend. That's about as trustworthy and cost effective as it gets. PS: the transaction concluded smoothly.

~ Andy K.

We cannot begin to express our deepest gratitude to you. You have helped us greatly just by the presence and sound of your name. From the first incident we were told by others to write a letter for documentation purposes. We added the threat of taking legal action, but never thought we could or would. We tried to avoid being pushy and were given the run around by our neighbor. After two years of patiently waiting, and as additional incidents occurred, we had almost given up hope. We had no idea what kind of a lawyer you were when we asked you about our situation. We were just looking for advice and you have given so much more with your time and expertise.

~ Ana and Tracy A.

Nathan is a rare attorney who knows the law and is a straight shooter you can talk to. I have no hesitation in recommending him to others (and have done so).

~ Bruce B.

I’ve been a law enforcement officer for more than 28 years. When I needed an attorney, a friend highly recommended Nathan. Nathan was described as someone who is intelligent, a hard worker and honest, which is very important to me. During my initial consultation I was impressed by Nathan’s knowledge of the law and found it easy to talk to him, as he engenders confidence and trust. During contentious negotiations with opposing counsel it appeared it was going to be a long and drawn out battle. However, with Nathan’s legal prowess and intellectual ability it took less than a month to resolve. There are few attorneys in the State of Hawaii that I know of who possess skill and integrity.

~ C. Lee

Nathan is the best! We truly appreciate what he is (an extremely competent lawyer), who he is (a man of honor), and his very considerate and fair handling of our concerns. It is without hesitation that we would refer anyone with any type of legal issues to Nathan and his firm. We look forward to a long and fruitful professional, as well as personal, relationship with Nathan.

~ Carolyn L.

I met with Nathan Natori regarding a real estate matter that seemed overwhelming and insurmountable. At the initial (gratis) consultation, I was immediately struck by his professionalism, knowledge, breadth of experience, but most of all his integrity. He was extremely honest and forthright and patiently explained what options were available to me. His compassion and generosity were disarming. I was surpristed when he advised that I take a more conservative route initially, rather than retaining his legal services immediately. It was then that I knew that Nathan is committed to serving the client’s best interest first. I trust Nathan implicitly to provide me with the best legal representation possible, and as a result have returned to seek his expert counsel. Without question, I would refer him to my friends and colleagues in the future as well!

~ Christina R.

We can’t thank Nathan enough for all of his help in dealing with the buyers of our home. He made a nightmare bearable and painless. He even correctly guessed the motive of the opposing attorney, and that things could be settled by having the real estate brokers step up to the plate. We trusted Nathan and we're glad we did.

~ Dave and Jill R.

While looking for help with a Tenant-Landlord issue one evening, I was fortunate to find Nathan’s website through a Google internet search. I emailed his office that evening with the specifics of my problem and found an informative return email the following morning. Nathan agreed to meet with me during his lunch hour whereby he reviewed state laws that applied to my situation and thoroughly explained their meaning. This brief meeting provided me all the information I needed to resolve my problem. I highly recommend Nathan Natori and will not hesitate to consult with him in the future.

~ Edward E.

Nathan Natori was a godsend for me. In my time of stress and confusion of what my rights were, Nathan remained a stable constant during my time of need. Nathan remained on top of all the issues and was able to discover an attempt by the other party to issue a false representation. Nathan was also able to work with the other party's attorney to quickly move things forward to a mutually agreeable conclusion. I am very happy that Nathan agreed to take my case.

~ Gary D.

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